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Meet our Director
Meet our Director

With a heart devoted to nurturing young minds and spirits, Brett McCue will serve as the Director of The Uplift Center at North Point Christian Church. Bringing over a decade of experience in childcare, business operations and education, she will lead with a blend of compassion, creativity, and unwavering faith. At the heart of The Uplift Center’s mission is the belief that every child is a unique gift, deserving of love, respect, and guidance. Through Brett’s leadership, the center provides a safe, loving, and enriching environment where children can explore, learn, and grow. Brett is dedicated to ensuring that each child receives individualized attention and support tailored to their needs and interests. She will work alongside a team of dedicated educators and volunteers to develop engaging programs that foster social, emotional, and spiritual development. By nurturing the hearts and minds of the youngest members of the congregation and our surrounding community, we are helping to build a foundation of faith and compassion that will last a lifetime. With a passion for guiding children to reach their full potential and a deep devotion to our mission, Brett is honored to serve as the Director of The Uplift Center, helping to shape the hearts and minds of the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and believers.

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Jobs Opportunities: Lead Teacher, Teacher Assistant, Cook, or Facility UpKeep